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Our Services

Doctor Service

Consultation fee

- € 60

- € 40  for follow up within 2 week

Fees for all our services displayed in waiting rooms or enquire by telephone when booking appointment

Repeat Prescription fee 25 E

A number of services are not covered under the GMS contract and medical card patients are required to pay directly for these services

- Letters  and  some forms requested by patient 

- Medical certificates  for abscence from work, college, school 

-  Medical examinations or reports for legal purposes, power of attorney

-  Examinations relating to insurance policies

-  Examinations relating to fitness to drive including eye test

-  Pre-employment examinations/ School entry examinations

-  Examinations in connection with fitness to take part in sports

-  Some vaccinations

-  Screening tests; including well man, well woman, blood test courier ( option to request blood form for hospital free of charge)

- joint injections

- some minor surgery procedures 

Joint injections 

Steroid  injections for  treatment of inflammatory of painful joint conditions

Minor Operations ( fee depends on complexity of procedure  60 - 220 E )

- ingrown toe nail resections

- excision of cysts

- removal of skin tags

- cryotherapy  (freezing) of warts and verruca - covered by medical card 

- cautery of lesions - covered by medical card 

Family Planning free for  all 17 - 30 year old 

- pill checks 

- depot injections

- implanon insertion and removal 

- coil insertion and removal

- combined Antenatal and postnatal care up to 6 weeks after delivery (free of charge)

CIE Drivers and Their Families

If you are a Dublin Bus driver other CIE Group employee you are entitled for free GP visits if you choose us as your doctor.

Men's Health

Well Man Check:

Doctor consultation + bloods  +/- ECG

Women's Health

Free Cervical Screening

Service for women 25- 60

Contraception consultations 

free service for 17-30 yrs old 

hormonal (pill, mirena coil, jaydess coil and implanon insertion)

- non hormonal – copper coil insertion    

Crisis Pregnancy 

Fertility Problems

Including Preliminary Infertility Assessment and referral to specialist if needed


Advice & management of symptoms

Bone Health

Advice and DEXA referral

STI Screening


Do you have a  medical emergency after surgery closed - please contact D-Doc



Need a doctor at night or after normal surgery hours? Call D- DOC  1850 22 44 77

Nurse Services



Blood Tests 

BP Check

24 Hour BP Monitor 

Ear Irrigation​ 


Travel Vaccines & Advice

Stitches removal


Cosmetic Clinic

Consultation for the treatment of lines and wrinkles 

- frown lines

- forehead lines

- crow's feet


Hyperhydrosis( Excessive Sweating ) 


Dermal Fillers with hyaluronic acid 

- lips augmentation

- nasolabial folds ( nose to mouth lines)

- marionette lines (  at the mouth corners )

- chin lines

- cheek lifts & fillers

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